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"Maxine Whitfield is one of a kind—a Mary Poppins for the 21st Century—and a genius when it comes to children. In this compelling book Whitfield takes the reader on a fascinating ride through her adventures as an elite nanny, sharing her savvy tips on the art and science of raising kids along the way. Her warmth and humor make for a great read and her tales of child-rearing are priceless. Highly recommended!” 

       Deborah Landau, Poet & Author 


"I first met Maxine when I was nine and she was nineteen. One would never have known that it was her first job as a nanny because she swiftly took on caring for three rambunctious boys on her own with ease for the next three summers. Now that I have children of my own and think about who I want to take care of them when work keeps me away from home more than I would like, I realize how invaluable it was that Maxine helped us learn to take care of ourselves while still making everything fun, constantly kept us outside, and cultivated a sense of adventure in us by sharing her own adventure and humor. If only we could afford her now!" 

Stanley, age 36 (with two young daughters and one on the way) 


“I first met Maxine when I was four years old. What originally started as a relationship where I not so politely proclaimed that ‘she didn’t know the rules’ around my house, has become one of the dearest relationships in my life. Maxine was hired as my nanny, but has become my family and no doubt has played a huge role in the person I am today. 22 years later, she may still not know the rules around my house (who am I kidding, she basically wrote them.....) but I am thankful for every day she has been with me since the day we met.” 

Liza, age 26 



"Maxine came into my life 22 years ago when I was one year old. She was my live-in nanny for four years and has been a part of my life ever since. Maxine made me laugh, taught me how to ride a bike and was there for my first poop in the potty victory!!!! It's only since I've grown and continued my relationship with Maxine as an adult that I’ve been able to appreciate how fortunate I was to have her as an early influence in my life. Part of that appreciation is the authenticity with which she cared for me, and it is why she doesn't feel like a nanny as much as part of the family. Maxine was at my college graduation in Boston and I knew she wouldn't miss it. That's who she is, my cheerleader at the sideline of life, encouraging me, loving me and acknowledging me for my successes, big and small. I miss you Max!" 

Michael, age 23 


“Maxine was my best friend and nanny for the first nine years of my life. Memories with her include a special birthday breakfast of pancakes, her dressing up as either a witch or a cat on Halloween and trying to scare us when we woke up, which would never work because her personality was too bubbly and happy to scare us. Maxine taught me manners, social skills and how to cook the most delicious poached eggs on toast in America. I had so many amazing times with her that it was unbearable to see her go. I cried so hard for so long. I didn’t want her to leave. She was kind and fun and smart, everything I aspire to be and more. I am so grateful for the ‘monthly’ visits we get with her. Maxine changed the way I think and act for the better and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life and know her.” 

Ali, age 12


“This morning I woke up and I was really happy because I was going to see Maxine. When she got to my house I raced out to the driveway before she even got out of her car to give her a hug and asked what we were doing today. I was like; ‘what are we doing today, ha,ha,ha?’ I knew it would be fun and exciting. When she said, “Warner Brothers Studio Tour” I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it would be fun or she would not have picked it. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of our visits but I know she will come back to see me again soon. She was my nanny for six years and now she is my dear friend. I love Maxine. 

Maddie, age 9


Miss Maxine was so encouraging and loving that I felt as if she would adopt me for a couple hours every time she came over. I remember actually suggesting to my parents that they go out to dinner in the hopes that I would see Miss Maxine again. She would always put us to bed ALMOST as well as my own mother. She loved to read us books, take us on treasure hunts and create games. She felt like a real family member. 

            Sheppard, age 13


Miss Maxine was my family's nanny for five years. Except she wasn’t a nanny to me. She was my best friend. We would always play hide and seek and “treasure hunt.” I remember waiting by my front door with my brother waiting for Maxine to come. I love her with my whole heart and always will. I might have moved, but my faith/love/caring for her hasn’t. 

       Malin, age 11


“Maxine was the first nanny I met when I came to America ten years ago to work as an Au Pair. I immediately observed the wonderful connection she had with children and the way they were drawn to her. As a caregiver Maxine has it all. She is intelligent, analytical, logical, fair, funny, and most importantly, loving. She modeled all these behaviors during play dates and today, as a behavior analyst, I know that she shapes the behaviors I encourage daily in my career and in my interactions with children of all ages.” 

            Matilda Anderssen-Kubas, Behavioral Analyst


 “I met Maxine when I was hired to work alongside her in my very first job as a professional nanny. That was 11 years ago. I had gone to school to be a teacher. I had experience in a large after school program, but I’d never worked in someone’s home. From day one Maxine shared her invaluable knowledge with me. I’d watch her and soak in her techniques, language, and her ability to maneuver every situation. The time working with Maxine allowed me the opportunity to move on in this profession with efficiency and ease. I am a professional nanny still because of those early years spent working with and learning from Maxine.” 

              Janice Plonk, Professional Nanny


“When I was 30 and working as a nanny I met Maxine. She approached me at Gymboree to ask if I would like to set up a play date, something that later became a regular event and progressed into a loving friendship for the boys under our care, however today I am not writing to compliment Maxine’s nanny skills. What I would like to share is how she encouraged me to change the course of my life. I will never forget when Maxine said she was attending classes at college and really enjoying the challenge, she immediately piqued my interest, and then as motivational as ever quips “you should go too as you would be a great student.” After that single conversation I enrolled at Santa Monica College and went on to graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. I am grateful she stepped in to my life when she did. We do not see each other often but when we do it’s like we never missed a beat!” 

               Rebecca Wade, Property Manager & Realtor


Maxine came to live with us as our nanny when our kids were 1 and 4 years old. Today they are college graduates living on their own however Maxine continues to be part of their lives and has become a member of our family. Maxine knows how to balance creating routine and structure that is so important for small children while allowing for creative and spontaneous play. She just knows how to talk to kids of all ages to gain their trust and respect and make them feel loved. As a parent I appreciated her daily communication of the events of the day while always talking through parenting decisions with us rather than making decisions on her own. We worked as a team. When we moved to another city she continued to stay in touch and never misses a birthday or important life event, showing our kids the importance of doing the same. 

         Shannon Kahn, Vice President